Friday, February 1, 2013

The Sound of Grace

It's 1:36 P.M. on Friday afternoon.  As I sit here typing, I hear my current youngest Spark Plug outside with her older brothers, chirping at the top of her lungs, "We're swinging together!  We're swinging together!" in a sing-song style with a made-up melody.  While her vocal quality and tune may not yet be optimum, it's a beautiful sound to this tired Mama's ears.

I hate admitting to the fact, but my spark plugs fight with one another.  A lot.  Truthfully, I doubt they're any different from any other kiddos, but I still don't enjoy the sound of the arguing and bickering that so easily flows from the second bedroom or the back seat of the car.  Jon and I do our best to train and instruct these little people in appropriate behavior, but even with involved counseling and discipline, their inherent sin natures creep up multiple times a day.

So, when I hear my little dears playing well together, when Big Brothers are helping instead of hindering Little Sister, and when Little Sister is respecting rather than ribbing Big Brothers, the sound is music to my ears.  It's clear evidence of the Lord's grace poured out on my children, because under normal circumstances, they'll choose to fight.  It's great encouragement to keep at this stuff called parenting; in these precious moments of philadelphia, I'm reminded that, with the Lord's help, what we're teaching our children is taking hold. 

Our efforts are not in vain.