Monday, September 14, 2009

For Those Who Have Been Asking and Praying

Many of you have asked how Jon is doing, so I thought I would post another update. He is doing incredibly well, thanks to everyone praying! While he is still susceptible to headaches, the chronic headaches have completely disappeared. As his sinuses become increasingly clear, his voice is changing. That takes some getting used to, to say the least! Coworkers have called and have not recognized him over the phone, the change is so drastic. I've known him for 10 years, but he's had this condition so long that apparently I'd never gotten to hear how he sounded without being congested.

Another change for the better has been the lack of symptoms. Before his surgery, he would have severe sinus pressure whenever there was a change in the weather. This usually brought on a heightened problem with the CSF leak, as well, making him very uncomfortable. Despite the rain and wind these past two days, however, he's suffered none of his regular symptoms and has felt very well! He will have another check up on Wednesday just to make sure everything is healing the way that it should, but we are confident that the results of that appointment will be good.

On the job front, Jon was able to complete the art test without too much trouble. The test was very reasonable and manageable, and Jon turned in the completed work Sunday night so that it was waiting for them Monday morning. We've not heard anything back yet, so he's a little nervous as he anticipates a reply. We both feel that this would be an ideal position for him and for our family, but we also realize that the Lord can see the future whereas we cannot. We are praying that we will hear something back by tomorrow afternoon, even if it is only confirmation that they did indeed receive the email containing his work. I find it difficult to remain calm in these situations; I am like the toddler who has no concept of time and who keeps demanding, "Are we there yet?"

Thank you for your continued prayers, both for Jon's final stages of healing and for the job situation. One "setback," you might call it, has been the fact that after taking a week and a half off of work, Jon is really struggling to get back into the night shift. He's been going on so little sleep for so long that it's nearly impossible for him to readjust after being able to sleep as much as he wanted to during his recovery. This is yet another compelling reason to hope for a different position. Again, though, the Lord knows our every need and desire and will open up the doors to the perfect job in His perfect timing. We must be content to rest in the fact that He knows our needs much more clearly than we do!

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  1. I am glad to hear he is well. Good luck on the job front. Hope to hear good news soon :-)