Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Signs of the Times

The signs are everywhere: stains in our rather-new carpet; dents in the faux wood paneling that covers the interior of our home; the pile of little shoes at every exterior door. The fact is that children leave their unmistakable marks on their little worlds. As frustrated as I get when I trip over left-out toys when I walk across the living room in the dark, I've actually grown to love (most) of these adorable reminders that my kids leave strewn in their wake.

Of all the things my kids have done to remind me of their presence, my favorite has to be the whistling hippos Lauren left in my back shower. Why? Well, that shower is tucked into the back bathroom at the back of my bedroom at the back of my house. If there were any place that should be untouched by my little spark plugs, the Master shower should be it. But, even there, the whistling hippos (which are adorably cute, by the way) lay there on the bottom of the shower, reminding me of my precious little ones. I suppose for safety's sake I really should collect them and put them back where they belong, but that little reminder every time I walk by the shower is something that truly brings me joy.

All too soon, the whistling hippos, the alphabet-shaped tub blocks, and even the grimy fingerprints will give way to driver's licenses, college text books, and - eventually - daughters- and son-in-laws. I'm eagerly awaiting the future, but right now, I'll cherish the current moment of toddlerhood.

And I'll pray that I don't break my neck after tripping over a hippo in the shower. :)

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  1. Julie, I love your point of view!! ;-) I thought of this post the other day when Jeremy took a piece of plastic play food out of each of his boots. Fun stuff! ;-)