Thursday, October 13, 2011

Turning Their Hearts

Several friends and I were lamenting over the hardships of rearing our spark plugs.  Some days, it feels as though we spend every waking moment dealing with attitude issues and poor behavior.  Days like these leave us parents exhausted, aggravated, and frustrated.

Today, I was encouraged by reading in 2nd Chronicles about Josiah - a king of Judah who rose to power at the tender age of eight after his wicked father was assassinated.  This child king had no Biblical training, or none that the Bible records, and presumably what short influence his father had on him would not have been in alignment with God's commands.

Even with such a rough start to life, the Lord turned the heart of this king to fully follow Him, and after humbling himself, Josiah led all of Judah in repenting of their sin and renewing the Temple sacrificial system.

It's my job as a mom to train up my children in a manner pleasing to the Lord (remembering to honor my husband as I do so), but I must also remember that it is His job to turn their hearts toward Him.  Raising children requires a blend of faith and trust as we seek to follow the Lord each step of the way.  I don't have that perfect balance figured out yet, but I love the Biblical reminders of God's greatness to intervene and turn hearts toward Himself.

Along the way, He will encourage and strengthen us so that we can find joy even in the midst of weariness.

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