Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something Sweet

Compared to many - perhaps even most - people, I lead a very vanilla life.  I've learned to be okay with the fact that I have few extreme likes and to appreciate that I'm not terribly adventurous.  That said, I do have a few things in which I genuinely take pleasure.

When my mom-in-law invited me to join her Sweet Adelines chorus this summer, I looked forward to trying it out.  This activity would combine two of my favorite subjects:  music and learning (learning, because I know relatively little about Barbershop singing...actually, I don't know much about singing of any kind, least of all Barbershop).  I also figured that joining would get me out of the house once a week for something other than schooling or teaching piano. 

To date, I've truly enjoyed myself at chorus rehearsal.  The ladies are amazing.  They gave me tons of literature on what, exactly, Barbershop singing is and made the qualifying process as painless as singing-a-capella-in-front-of-other-people-while-staying-on-pitch could possibly be.  (Okay, maybe that wasn't so vanilla, after all!)  I'm learning a lot about this form of music; I'm having fun while doing it; and hopefully I can help contribute to the group's performance at Nationals next October. 

While costuming and stage makeup aren't generally things that fall into my comfort zone, it's good for me to try something a little out of the range of vanilla.  At least I'll be colorful even if not comfortable!


  1. Wonderful! I hope I get to see or hear one of your performances, even if its just a recording. Definitely an exciting undertaking!

  2. How fun! And this would be on the long list of things I would/could NEVER do!

  3. Amy, I'll let you know if/when there's a nearby performance. I won't be singing publicly for a while; I have a LOT of music to learn first! Lisa, I have a feeling you'd do just fine at singing. You have so many other talents, it's hard for me to picture you deficient in any area!