Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Um, That's Different...

Seeds in my sprouter

For quite some time, I'd wanted to incorporate a healthier diet into my lifestyle, but with the high cost of whole grains and organics, this desire hadn't materialized.  Several weeks back, though, a friend introduced me to the concept of sprouting.  I hadn't known that it was possible to sprout so many seeds so effortlessly.  You don't even need soil!  I was hooked and began researching more on sprouting.

Researching sprouting led me to soaking grains, which led me to sourdough starters, which led me to kombucha, and somewhere in between all of those I found recipes for home-made deodorant and brownies made from black beans and spinach.

Are you grossed out yet?

I promise I'm not becoming some rogue health nut, but some of these concepts intrigued me to the point that I tried them.  Some, like the sourdough starter and kombucha, I've yet to try, but I do hope to experiment with them in the near future.  Stay tuned for those. 

All that to say, I didn't plan on 2012 turning into my year for trying new, do-it-yourself (DIY), frugal (and sometimes crazy!) ideas, but I'm having a lot of fun.  Some things have proven to be wonderful, while others have done nothing but given me a good laugh.  I'm excited, though, at the prospect of inexpensively incorporating healthful living into my current routine.  My next several posts will focus on these new endeavors, both the successes and the failures.  If you're interested, come learn with me.

No doubt that this will be a fun, odd, and occasionally awkward adventure!


  1. I haven't even heard of some of those things. It will be fun to learn along with you!

    1. I hadn't heard of most of these up until about three weeks ago! :)

  2. How exciting! You're such an inspiration to me! I'd planned to start some container gardening this year, though perhaps not until the weather is warmer. We don't get much sun in our patio area. I had kombucha once and it upset my stomach, so I'm afraid to make any myself. Look forward to hearing about your endeavors! I love the coupon box idea. I have a half-size accordion folder someone gave me years ago, and it's great, although I now only keep coupons for items I regularly purchase. The Motivated Moms chore planner is so helpful to me for the same reasons you stated.

    1. We didn't get much sun at our last apartment, either, so growing a container garden wasn't much of a possibility. Hope you get to grow a few things, though! Thanks again for the Motivated Moms recommendation. It's working out very well - even if I only get to half of the assignments, that's still more than I was formerly accomplishing!