Monday, March 11, 2013

Sibling Helpers

Even though several of my early doctor visits have been frustrating because of all the offers to abort the baby, not all visits have gone poorly.  In fact, I've really liked each and every one of the doctors/midwives in the group, and my most recent two appointments have been a special blessing.

Two appointments ago, I met Dr. R.  I was a bit nervous about meeting a new doctor while having all three spark plugs in tow.  Would the doctor be okay with all the extra bodies, or would their presence only be aggravating since the room was small?

As it turned out, he didn't blink an eye about the kids being there.  In fact, the opposite happened; he invited all three to participate in the appointment, asking the boys if they'd operate the doppler for him and helping L up on a stool so she could use the tape measure to see how big the baby was getting.  The kids were pretty wide-eyed at such an unexpected opportunity, but they eagerly complied with everything the doctor asked them to do.

After the short visit, Dr. R thanked the kids for making his job easier, telling them that they were such super helpers that they'd helped him get his job done faster (even though I'm sure he could have done everything in about half the time had he not been handing out equipment and setting up seats for everyone).  I was beyond blessed by this doctor's willingness to include the siblings in such an amazing manner.

And at my last appointment, we met yet another doctor, Dr. S, who did the exact same thing as Dr. R, letting the kids participate and take turns with the doppler to check on the baby.  I know that not all people are good with kids - even I don't do well with lots of kids, aside from my own! - but when medical personnel are willing to take time out of their hectic, busy schedules to show kindness to my little ones, it is absolutely wonderful. 

Who knows - maybe one of these two doctors will end up doing the delivery!


  1. Aww, I was hoping that was your baby pic!I hope you get a doctor you really like for delivery. You know you have a good doctor when your kids like going to appointments with you.

  2. I'll try to scan and post Dylan's ultrasound photos. They're not as clear as this little guy is, but they're still cute. Yes, I was so blessed by these doctors!