Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

 Aunt Kaits reading Stone Soup

Last month, the four spark plugs and I spent a wonderful week with my parents and siblings.  It was great to get away for a bit and to enjoy time with my extended family.  We went swimming, enjoyed pizza with out-of-town friends, watched another friend go sky diving for his birthday, and did lots of visiting.  My mom documented much of our activity with her camera, and she was happy to share some of her photos!

 Baby D sleeping under the fan

T playing Hopscotch

Uncle Stevie entertaining K and L
 T in the pool
 K with a diving fish
 L relaxing poolside
Baby D wishing he were in the pool
 Me watching all the waterlogged Spark Plugs
 Who needs the beach when you can surf in the pool?  
(Don't tell Daddy; he couldn't live without the ocean nearby!)

Uncle Stevie loves his nieces and nephews!
 Baby D happy to be held by Aunt Kaits
 Me with Baby D at Pizza

Baby D's "Catch of the Day" shirt from Gramma

After we returned home from our fantastic week, I figured that Mom and Dad sighed with relief to have so many noisemakers out from underfoot.  However, we'd not been home two days before Dad texted to ask, "You guys wanna come over for another week?"  
I have the best family ever!
And, yes, we will be going over again very soon!

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