Thursday, August 27, 2009

Next Update

Jon's been home for a whole day now, and I think he slept about 20 of those first 24 hours. For someone who averages 4 to 6 hours of sleep a day, this is quite an accomplishment! He still cannot remain upright for long periods of time because he develops headaches whenever he sits up. We're told that this is very normal for a CSF patient, but if his headaches become severe or cannot be alleviated through lying down and medication, he'll have to return to the hospital and have the Lumbar Drain reinserted. Thankfully, his headaches have been mild and disappear as soon as he lies down again. Please pray that this continues to be the case and that the headaches disappear completely by the time he is supposed to return to work on Sunday night.

Today was a bit wearisome for the kids and me. It got pretty warm, too, which never helps. All things considered, the boys have behaved fairly well. Depending on how Jon is feeling, we may get to go for a walk tomorrow, which will help them expend some of their pent-up energy. Right now, we're all cooped up in a hot, sticky house without much outlet for busy toddlers.

Please continue to pray for restful sleep for all of us. Right now, I'm sleeping out on the couch so I don't further aggravate Jon's many bruises and needle pricks. The pull-out bed is quite comfortable, but since Lauren's crib is next to the couch, she wakes me up several times a night. I'm definitely looking forward to being back in my own bed again!

Jon said today that he finally feels like he's beginning to heal, and he also started smiling a little bit. That's a huge step since he's been so uncomfortable until now. The boys have gotten to visit with him several times, and they're very relieved that Daddy is getting back to himself again. They don't understand everything that's going on, so they've been very concerned for him.

Hopefully the next few days will continue to bring improvement for all of us. I am so glad to be this far past the surgery!

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  1. I hope he continues to heal and that this is successful to end all his headaches. Hang in there.