Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Second Recovery Update

Jon's home now! This is really great; his doctor thought it would be at least 5 days before she could discharge him. He's extremely tired and cannot stay upright for more than a few minutes at a time (the 20-minute drive home was pretty draining on him), but he's fairly talkative considering everything he's just endured.

He slept for about 4 hours as soon as he got home. This was the first decent sleep he's gotten since getting to the hospital Monday morning (I don't think 6 hours of anesthesia counts). He was in NOC (Neuro-something-Care), which is a step in between regular recovery and ICU, and as a result he had to be more closely monitored (read: disturbed) than he would have been otherwise.

Thankfully he has several more nights off of work so that he can adequately heal. He has to be especially careful with his back since he had the Lumbar Drain; it could easily be injured, so he has to take everything very carefully. The nurse said he shouldn't even lift Lauren for the next two weeks.

Our biggest prayer requests right now are for quick healing; no setbacks; and sleep for the entire family. I'm exhausted. I didn't realize how physically and emotionally draining it would be to watch him go through this. Lauren was amazing while we spent all those hours in the hospital with him, but tonight she fell apart and was very unhappy.

My mom was able to go home today, and tomorrow Jon's mom will take the boys for the night to give us a little more time to rest. We are so thankful for all the offers and help we've received.

Well, I've finished my glass of milk and am off to bed. Goodnight to all!

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